• Dion McGregor talked in his sleep.

    ...well, "talked" might be somewhat of an understatement.

    Recorded by his roommate in the 1960s, Mcgregor's incredibly detailed, nuanced, and often outrageous somniloquies are the "text" for DREAMA, an original solo performance conceived and developed by Annie Paladino. Weaving together an exact vocal reproduction of Dion's dreams with an original, experimental staging, DREAMA invites you to delve deep into the dream world--always surprising, sometimes hilarious, and often terrifying.

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Closing night and wrapping up (for now)

It’s hard to believe the closing performance of DREAMA at the SF Fringe Festival was one full week ago today. I finally have a few minutes to breathe, reflect, and relax after an amazing week of on-the-edge theater. Between my performances and the other performances I saw, it was truly an extraordinary and unforgettable 12 … Continue reading

More Press

Check out a nice little review in The Daily Californian: http://www.dailycal.org/article/110312/san_francisco_fringe_festival#

Opening Night and Audience Reviews

So, last night was the first performance of DREAMA at the SF Fringe (and in general, in fact). I had a lovely, supportive audience filled with many friends, which was much appreciated. There are THREE PERFORMANCES LEFT OF DREAMA! This Tuesday, September 14th at 10:00pm (for the night-owls), Saturday, September 18th at 5:30pm, and Sunday, … Continue reading

Production stills are up!

The first performance of DREAMA is only three days away! Whoa. It’s all a little surreal right now. To tide you over until then, check out a few production stills! They’ve just been added to the Media page. Until Friday, Annie

What is DREAMA? And why? And how?

Find me after the show and I’ll give you the long answer. But for now, I can offer the short answer: Dion McGregor’s incredibly detailed, nuanced, and often outrageous somniloquies were recorded by his roommate from 1961-1967. Some of the recorded dreams were released on LP in 1964, and 2 additional collections were released in … Continue reading

DREAMA — a new solo performance by Annie Paladino

DREAMA premieres at the San Francisco Fringe Festival on September 10th, 2010! Hope to see you there! In the meantime, be sure to check out the Media page for a sneak peek (listen?) at a few of the dreams that will be featured in DREAMA. And really, it only gets stranger from there. Sweet dreams, … Continue reading